Day 5: Garden

Love this challenge in the Happiness Challenge.

I have a very tiny back yard, so "garden" in the traditional sense of breaking ground and putting a plant in the soil wasn't going to be an option.  

The day came after a very stressful and busy day and the day itself was busy and stressful.  We are short a staff person, so in addition to my full time work, I'm doing the work of another FTE.  I have help, but there are just some things I can't delegate. 

About 4 p.m., I was told about upcoming night work that would start on Monday, near a hotel.

The last thing I wanted to do over the weekend was/is work - despite the happiness challenge, happiness is not flowing very quickly into my life.  I'm starting to think this list is too generic for me.  Where I find happiness isn't in an arbitrary list I stumbled upon online.

But, I'm committed to this 30-day challenge.

I got home from work, walked the boys.  This is my place of happiness - time with my dogs.  They are my pure joy.

But I also find happiness in relaxing on a Friday.  Unfortunately the kitchen was lacking in food.  After the walk, I hopped in the car and went to the corner store.  It's not the safest, cheapest or cleanest.  It's close, so it works in a pinch.

With today's challenge on my mind "GARDEN", I picked up some tulips.  The store was offering multi-color bouquets.  

When I got home, I trimmed them up and put them up by the window.  They're just so beautiful.  I love fresh flowers.  They fill the house with a sense of class, which it needs come Friday.

I love the ritual of the trimming of flower stems and placing them in the vase.  Poncho sat at my feet while I went through the ritual.  When a cut stem fell to the floor, he'd scurry away with it and chew on it.  This is very unlike Poncho.  I'd quickly take it away, unsure if it was safe for him.

Once I placed the vase by the window, I watered the other plants in the house - nourishing them a bit.

Having life in the house is a must!  

So what I'm learning about this list of challenges is that not everything specifically applies to my life, I can make adjustments.  Being flexible is key to happiness.