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Throne Ascension and Cookies

I was having one of those particularly "on" days - genius was pouring out of my mouth. Stirred up on ego, I claimed, "It is time for me to ascend to a throne somewhere."

I even made it into a snazzy Facebook cover.  It didn't get enough likes.  Come on people - get with me.  

Whatevs.  I was giggly, snazzy proud of my proclamation - especially when it came true at tennis that night. In our doubles league, one player is Queen of the Court - it's predetermined by the league coordinator. Guess who was Queen of her Court that night? This girl.  

While this isn't exactly the throne I was thinking about, I totally laughed and said a silent thank you to God. He will provide, some times with a side of humor.

Yesterday, my co-worker and I were all a tizzy. Rather than hosting our weekly check-in inside, we opted to go get cookies and coffee at the shop across the plaza. He loves cookies and I adore him, so I'm game.

Halfway to the store, I realized I didn't b…