Throne Ascension and Cookies

I was having one of those particularly "on" days - genius was pouring out of my mouth. Stirred up on ego, I claimed, "It is time for me to ascend to a throne somewhere."

I even made it into a snazzy Facebook cover.  It didn't get enough likes.  Come on people - get with me.  

Whatevs.  I was giggly, snazzy proud of my proclamation - especially when it came true at tennis that night. In our doubles league, one player is Queen of the Court - it's predetermined by the league coordinator. Guess who was Queen of her Court that night? This girl.  

While this isn't exactly the throne I was thinking about, I totally laughed and said a silent thank you to God. He will provide, some times with a side of humor.

Yesterday, my co-worker and I were all a tizzy. Rather than hosting our weekly check-in inside, we opted to go get cookies and coffee at the shop across the plaza. He loves cookies and I adore him, so I'm game.

Halfway to the store, I realized I didn't bring my wallet and the shop we were going to didn't accept Apple pay (I mean in this day and age - in Seattle, of all places!?). This wasn't the first time I did this - and since he's my employee, I refused to let him buy me a cookie. Figured the universe was telling me, "Honey child, you do not need a cookie!"

Who can resist a Specialty's cookie?
As he ate his cookie, I was jealous, but kept that to myself.

Meeting ended. Off to another one. Guess what! Someone brought cookies. I kid you, not!  God provided.

God knows your desires - from cookies to throne ascension - and He will provide. We all know I'm not religious, but have deep faith. These little nods remind me I am on the right path and that what all my heart desires will be provided - in due time.

Last month, I interviewed for an amazing job. It was humbling and exciting to even be considered. When the interview ended, I knew it wasn't my job. I didn't give up faith, but I let hope go. When the call came from HR, I said, "Oh, thank God!"  HR chuckled. I knew who got it on the day of the interview. I saw her walking through the plaza and my gut went "It's her job, not yours." When the announcement email, it validated my gut instinct.  

All these things happened within a few weeks of each other.

I'm still picking this apart; here's where I've gotten to with it thus far:  I have no clue how I knew what my gut said. Listening to my gut, knowing that God will provide brings a sense of calm. Rather circling around a pit of doubt, panic and depression, my faith frees me to rejoice in the many blessings. 

While I may not know what my next steps are, I have a solid belief that it is going to be amazing - and that I will be the Queen and there will be cookies.

Be thankful for God's gifts. Be thankful for your blessings. When the time is right, you will set the world on fire.


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